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audio samples

Johann Sebastian Bach: Submit yourselves to the Savior (from BWV 182, alto solo)
with Danya Segal, Klaus Bundies and Jonathan Hiese
Live recording, July 2023
Benjamin Britten: Winter Words Op. 52
Wagtail and Baby 'A Satire'
Magdalena Hinz - mezzo-soprano
Yuri Ota - piano
George Bizet-Carmen
Excerpt from Trio No. 19 "Mêlons! Coupons!"

Magdalena Hinz - Mercédès, Florence Chang - Frasquita, Conductor: Artem Lonhinov, Federal Youth Orchestra Germany
Young Opera Castle Weikersheim 2021
Shadi Kassaee: Zahak
Part 7 from the one-act play "Zahak"
Live recording 2022
For further audio samples please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
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